Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc (TMETC) was established in 2005 by Indian parent company,
Tata Motors Limited (TML), with the purpose of strengthening TML's technical capabilities through delivery of world class automotive design and engineering services.

As a result, TMETC is subject to tax in various territories and can therefore face complexities. However, remaining compliant through an honest and transparent means, is always the priority for TMETC.

Attitude to tax planning & managing our tax risk

As a result, TMETC's Finance function works closely alongside our external tax professionals in the majority of the Company's tax affairs. This is overseen periodically by our Chief Financial Officer, who is also our Senior Accounting Officer, to ensure managements oversee of all tax matters. TMETC is also in regular contact with its parent company's Tax Team, who provide support and guidance where necessary.

TMETC's approach is one of honesty, integrity and compliance. We therefore take great pride in adopting and abiding to the Tata Code of Conduct, which is adopted by all Tata companies.

Working with HMRC

We aim to assist HMRC as much as possible, and where possible, try to take a proactive approach in building the relationship with our Customer Compliance Manager. TMETC regards this document and its publication as complying with its duty under Para 19(2), Sch 19, FA16.