Development Overview

The rapid progression of the EV scene internationally and the introduction of various financial incentives by European Governments, including the UK, between 2008 and 2010, resulted in the Vista EV project becoming a major product development programme.

The programme established Tata Motors’ capabilities in the UK and India in a full range of EV-related skills, from design to validation and engineering sign-off (ESO), and high voltage manufacture and assembly of electric vehicles. These capabilities are now core to Tata Motors’ business and future product development plans.

  • Battery and battery management system (BMS): Needed to grow in-house capability through acquisition.
  • Electric drivetrain: Partnership with a major Canadian supplier.
  • Ancillaries and HVAC: Bespoke systems designed with Tier1 partners.
  • Packaging: New skills in high voltage systems and power electronics developed.
  • Safety: New rules were being written by industry and regulatory bodies.
  • Integration: New skills in electrical and electronic systems acquired.
  • Validation and homologation: New rules were being written.
  • Typical reconfiguration of a Tata Vista for EV propulsion was highly complex.

Project Outcome

The Vista EV project has enabled the Design Tech Centre to acquire industry leading EV design and development capabilities that are being deployed across new products for future market introduction.

During the Tata Vista EV Development project, a special version of the Tata Vista EV (the EVX) was designed that was optimised for aerodynamics and efficiency. The vehicle was entered into the US-based X-PRIZE competition as well as the 2010 RAC Low Carbon Vehicle Challenge, from Brighton to London, where it won two prizes.

A complete pilot EV assembly facility was designed and installed in Coventry, close to the Design Tech centre at Warwick, and the entire CABLED project fleet of vehicles was assembled at the plant. This has strengthened Tata Motors’ high voltage design and manufacturing engineering capabilities in the UK.